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The overall function

1. Customer research and development management: through the organization to carry out customer survey activities to understand group customers on various aspects of the situation, for the group to develop potential customers, provide services to meet customer need, etc.

2. Customer relationship management (CRM) : by establishing and perfect customer service system, and continuously improve customer service, to win the good reputation of the group, to consolidate and strengthen the relationship between group with the customer, provide support for the group's sales work.

3. Big customer management: establish a large customer service team, for the group of big customers tailored personalized service mode, to provide targeted all-round services, and ensure stable relations of cooperation with big customers, improve the group operating profit.

4. After-sales service management: set up after-sales service management system and standard, organize the implementation of group activities of the after-sales service commitments, resolve customer problems, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Customer complaint management: formulate and improve customer complaint management specification; Reasonable use of complaint handling skills to eliminate the customer dissatisfaction, avoid misunderstanding between businesses and their customers, for the group's business and sales activities to build the best external environment.

6. Customer information management: build customer information management system, to analyze the data to the customer to timely collect, summarize and classification by inputting and analysis for special customers, for the improvement of the marketing strategy, customer service strategy provides the basis.

7. The call center management: through the establishment of the advanced call center system and the right business model, effectively to provide high quality, high efficiency, a full range of services, improve the efficiency of customer service; At the same time, further coordinate the group's internal management, to assist group each branch marketing and sales work

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